Winter and summer products

Force Antifreeze
A modern “longlife”coolant based on mono-ethyleneglycol.

Force Antifreeze Plus

Force Antifreeze Plus, mixed with the approprioate amount of water, is used as a coolind and heat transferring fluid in combustion engines.

Force Coolant -26°C/-35°C

Force Coolant is a product based on mono-ethylene glycol, demineralised water and additives that during the whole year takes care of an efficiënt and good cooling of gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with open or closed cooling systems.

Force Windshieldcleaner
Force Windshieldcleaner is a universal product for the protection against frost for all types of windscreenwipersystems.

Force De-Icer
Force De-Icer is suitable for quick defrosting of frozen windshields and mirrors and prevents refreezing by the use of the ingredient glycol.

Force Doorlock De-Icer

Force Doorlock De-Icer prevents freezing, defrosts and lubricates the doorlocks.