Zuni Bio Synthetic 46

Biodegradable hydraulic oil based on esters (Type “HEES 46”)

Campa GL-3 Industrial
Campa GL-3 Industrial gear oils are proven and accepted EP lubricants. They are excentionally stable pver a wide range of temperatures, have a high loadcarrying capacity and separate quickly from water.

Inuit Industrial Gear
Fully synthetic, type DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP, EP-type series of lubricants that are particularly suitable for stationary gear transmission lubrication.

Osage B2
Specifications: soon available!

Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR
Yuchi 6002 EP 71 is specially developed for the lubrication of gears and cams of the Sulzer RĂ¼ti weaving looms.

Chimu Chainsaw Oil is used for the lubrication and maintenance of: chains of chainsaws. cables and chains.