Description: High quality EP-type hydraulic oil on basis of carefully selected solvent refined mineral base oils with a high natural viscosity index, to which special ashless type additives have been added.

Application: Hydraulic oil intended for use in heavily loaded hydraulic equipment as well as for lightly loaded gear transmissions and bearings. Also for use in vacuum pumps and for numerous general machine lubrication applications. Suitable for use in systems with solver coated parts.


DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP
SEB 181.222
AFNOR E 48 – 603 HM
ISO 4406: classification 15/12 (at the time of filling up the container)


- Excellent anti-wear properties on basis of zinc free type additives.
- Very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.
- Exceptional thermal stability.
- Pronounced demulsifying properties.
- Anti-foam as well as “quick air bubble release” properties.
- Neutral behaviour towards the typical hydraulic system seals.
- Full flow “micro” filtered, ISO 4406 particle contents at the time of the filling up of the container: typically 15/12 or better.
-* Wide tolerance towards calcium detergent and eventual ZnDTP (remaining from earlier used product) facilitates the product switch.

* Approval not requested

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