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Carrier Diesel Flow Improver

Carrier Diesel Flow Improver

Carrier Diesel Flow Improver
Carrier Diesel Flow Improver


Test results on fuel :

    Volume of 1000 liter fuel   Pour point
  Without Carrier  : -12ºC
  With 0.2 L Carrier : -18ºC
  With 0.4 L Carrier : -21ºC
  With 1.0 L Carrier : -28ºC

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Carrier Diesel Flow Improver

It is well known that many diesel fuels have the disadvantage to cause problems at low temperatures.  These problems consist of clogging in the fuel oil-system, particularly on the gauges put on the lines, on filter, and also affecting the pumpability of the fuel oil itself.

This is caused by the fact that at low temperatures paraffine-crystals will separate, which on account of their flat crystal structure, will cause these plugging and problems.

The treatment of these fuel oils with Carrier provides a good pumpability at low temperatures.  This is made possible by the fact that the flow improver attacks immediately the problem-causing building of these paraffine-crystals.

The addition of 1 liter Carrier per 1000 liter diesel fuel is sufficient to achieve an improvement in the flow characteristics, so that at low temperatures no problems of clogging or plugging are encountered.

It is however recommended to add the correct quantity of 1:1000 Carrier at the time of filling of the fuel tank.

By using the Carrier, the full use of fuel oils at low temperatures becomes possible again, the problem of clogging can be avoided, and the result is inevitably : important savings are made possible.

Typical analysis

Density at 15°C  :  0.890
Viscosity at 40°C  :  17.5 cSt
Pour point  :  – 9°C
Flash point  :  80°C


 MSDS Carrier Diesel Flow Improver

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