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Cattowa TO-4

 Cattowa TO-4
 Cattowa TO-4


Compared to CAT TO-2 formulations following advantages are offered:

-Reduced gear wear.
-Improved friction control.
-Longer life for transmissions and brakes.
-Less brake noise and increased rim pull.

Furthermore this new CAT TO-4 fluid offers:

- Excellent low temperature fluidity.
- Excellent oxidation stability and sludge control give longer drain intervals.
- Excellent shear stability.
- Maximum foam protection.

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Cattowa TO-4

Description: Especially developed for transmissions, wet brakes and final drives of CATERPILLAR machines that require a CAT TO-4 fluid.

Application: Power shift, manual transmissions & winches. Final drives differential gear boxes. Final drives gear boxes Where a CAT TO-4 fluid is required


Allison C-4



 Typical analysis CATTOWA TO-4

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