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Chicasaw CDX SAE 5W30

 Chicasaw CDX SAE 5W30


- Low level of ash, phosphor and sulphur, extending life time of the car's emission control system while keeping up its efficiency.
- Good fluidity at low temperatures enhances cold start performance.
- Less friction gives fuel-economy & better performance, with lower Co2 emission.
- Engines keep internally extremely clean, extending the engine life time.
- High quality for stable, optimum performance and extended oil drain intervals.

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Chicasaw CDX SAE 5W30

Description: Fully synthetic lubricating low SAPS engine oil, especially developed for the long time protection of the emission system of some modern cars (Hyundai, Kia, Peugeot, Citroën) and to maintain the efficiency of the emission reduction system for the car's full lifetime.

Application: Recommended for the modern type of gasoline, LPG and diesel engine, with or without turbo charging in latest generation passenger cars equipped with diesel particulate filter and / or performant catalytic converter.


- ACEA C2 & A5 / B5
- Toyota
- Honda
- Mitsubishi

Typical analysis

Density at 15°C  :  0.854°C
Viscosity at 40°C  :  60 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C  :  10.5 cST
Viscosity at -30°C  :  6000 cP
Viscosity index  :  166
Pour point  :  -39°C
Flash point  :  226°C
TBN  :  7.2 mg KOH/g
Colour  :  3.0
HTHS  :  2.95 cP

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