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Commanche GS-Series

Commanche GS-Series

Commanche GS-Series
Commanche GS-Series


- Chemical stability to extend service life, reducing maintenance costs.
- Cleaner operation of the compressor with fewer deposits and failures due to valve sticking
- Excellent low temperature performance with no wax deposits to plug the system.
- Approval by most major equipment manufacturers.

* Approval not requested


This Technical Datasheet is considered being accurate at the date of printing. It has been compiled with the utmost care, but Chief Oil International B.V. cannot accept any responsibility for damage, of any kind, that may be caused by using these data or the product concerned. The information in this publication may not be considered as any guarantee of specific properties.

Commanche GS-Series

Description: premium quality oils designed for use as refrigeration compressor lubricant, with traditional refrigerants. They are highly stable and are essentially wax free. They have long histories of satisfactory service in many types of equipment and are approved by most manufacturers for both factory fill and maintenance fill of their equipment.

Application: the oils can be used in virtually any installation regardless of compressor or evaporator temperatures. They are ideally suited for low temperature systems where evaporator temperatures are below -18ºC indcluding residential and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.


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