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Force Antifreeze

Force Antifreeze

Force Antifreeze


Provides protection against damage caused by frost.
1 part antifreeze and 3 parts water gives a –12°C protection (50%).
1 part antifreeze and 1 part water gives a –35°C protection (25%).

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Force Antifreeze

Description: A modern ‘longlife’ coolant  based on mono-ethyleneglycol. Additives are added to obtain the following properties:

High degree of protection for all metals in modern engines and cooling systems
Does not react to rubber
Excellent anti-foam properties
Nitrite, nitrate, amine and phosphate free
against corrosion and rust in the cooling system

Application: The coolant is designed for all year round use and is suitable for use in cooling systems of both petrol and diesel engines.Before application of the coolant, drain the cooling system and flush with water. Also for cooling systems of stationary engines submitted to freezing temperatures.


BS 6580
ASTM 1384
ASTM D3306
SAE J1034
AFNOR NF R 15-601


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