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Force Winshieldcleaner

Force Windshieldcleaner

Force windshielcleaner


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Force Windshieldcleaner

Description: Windshieldcleaner is a universal product for the protection against frost for all types of windscreenwipersystems. Diluted with water 1:1, the product gives a –22°C protection. The product is based on ethanol and has an agreeable odour.

Application: For use during the whole year. In accordance with the VW specifications and tested for polycarbonates.

Typical analysis

Density in air at 20ºC  :  0.9063 g/ml testmethod: ASTM 4052-02
Density in vacuum at 20ºC  :  0.9074 g/ml testmethod: ASTM 4052-02
flash point (Abel Pensky)  :  +22ºC testmethod: DIN 51755-74
Freezing point  :  -60ºC testmethod: ASTM D1177-98
Freezing point (50% water)  :  -22ºC testmethod: ASTM D1177-98
Watermiscibility  :  Passed testmethod: ASTM D1722-98
Colour  :  Blue


 MSDS Windshieldcleaner

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