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Inca Dot 5.1

Inca Dot 5.1

Inca Dot 5.1
Inca Dot 5.1
Inca Dot 5.1


- Can be mixed with other brake fluids of the same quality level and components. Not to be mixed with silicone type or silicate ester type brake fluids.
- Very high boiling point (wet and dry).
- Strongly hygroscopic.
- Applicable with all classic brake-packing materials.
- Can be used throughout the whole year.

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Inca Dot 5.1

Description: Inca DOT 5.1 is a high performance brake and clutch fluid meeting or exceeding SAE J1704 and FMVSS No. 116 DOT 5.1 and ISO 4925 Class 5-1 specifications. Inca DOT 5.1 is manufactured from synthetic components (polyglycols, mono-alkylether and certain inhibitors).
Inca DOT 5.1 provides a high safety margin against vapour lock and particularly low cold-temperature viscosity. Other features are excellent corrosion protection and rubber seal compatibility.

In brake fluid systems of almost every car (passenger cars, trucks, busses and vans).
In certain operating systems of the coupling.
In certain tractor brake systems.
In certain truck cabin turnover systems.


DOT 5.1
Latest SAEJ 1703
ISO 4925 Class 5.1

Typical analysis

Density at 20°C  :  1.060 - 1080
Viscosity at 100°C  :  typ. 2.1 cSt
Dry boiling point °C  :  272
Wet boiling point °C  :  185
pH  :  7.4
Appearance  :  Clear liquid

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