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Inuit Industrial Gear

Inuit Industrial Gear

Inuit Industrial Gear
Inuit Industrial Gear


- Compared to mineral oil, significantly increase resistance against aging. The excellent fluidity at low temperature enhances energy conserving properties, eases start-up of the transmission and guarantees immediate lube supply to all places that need lubrication.
- Natural low friction properties significantly reduce torque losses in the transmission, resulting in an increased mechanical output, as well as in a lower oil temperature and/or higher maximum allowable load.
- Oil with natural high and above all stable viscosity index, resulting in a excellent viscosity/temperature behavior during the complete lifetime of the lubricant. Inuit Industrial Gear offers protection against corrosion due to humidity penetration and shows hardly any or no foaming tendency.

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Inuit Industrial Gear

Description: Fully synthetic, type DIN 51517 CLP, EP-type series of lubricants that are particularly suitable for stationary gear transmission lubrication.  Based on carefully selected synthetic hydrocarbons, suitable for bath temperatures continuously as high as 120°C.

Application: For all sorts of enclosed stationary gear transmission, for spur and (spiral)bevel gears, as well as for worm and worm gear type transmissions (including those transmissions with a steel/bronze combination ).Applicable in virtually all working conditions, also in case of high mechanical stress, in both constant and widely varying ambient temperature conditions as well as in case of high temperatures of the transmission itself. Particularly recommended in case extended oil drain intervals are required. Perfectly mixable with mineral oil. It is however recommended to flush the system before use and to replace filter elements before filling up with Inuit Industrial Gear.


DIN 51517 Part 3  CLP
FZG-EP wear test stage 12 without damage.


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