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Marine Oils

Marine Oils
Marine Oils


Excellent deposit control for the high temperature zone of the engine, including piston under crowns and ring belt areas. Dispersants provide protection from deposits to valve decks, air ports, air blowers, air boxes, oil filters and oil coolers.

Long time high TBN number retaining during application, this even when heavy (sulphur type) fuels are being burned.

Providing excellent protection against wear and corrosion of engine parts.

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Marine Oils

Description: High quality solvent refined paraffinic oil and selected additives for the lubrication of marine engines.

Application: Crankcase oil for medium/high speed trunk piston engines operating on distillate fuels, and sometimes cylinder oil in crosshead diesel engines operating on distillate fuels.

Marine 312 and  412 are SAE 30 and SAE 40 engine oils with TBN 12mgKOH/g, suitable for use with fuels up to 1% sulphur.

Similarly Marine 330 and 430 apply when burning fuel up to maximum 2% sulphur, while Marine 340 and 440 are indicated in case of even higher fuel sulphur.


Caterpillar 1G2


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