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- perfectly miscible and compatible with HFC-134a in a wide range of pressures and temperatures assuring long and trouble-free service life.
- 300 ml bottles carefully packed to protect from water absorption.
- extremely low pour point and high viscosity index assuring excellent performance, in both cold and hot climates.
- chemically highly stable
- proper design of the molecules of the base oil glycol as well as the unique applied additive system assure ideal lubricity.

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This Technical Datasheet is considered being accurate at the date of printing. It has been compiled with the utmost care, but Chief Oil International B.V. cannot accept any responsibility for damage, of any kind, that may be caused by using these data or the product concerned. The information in this publication may not be considered as any guarantee of specific properties.


Description: Synthetic, polyalkylene glycol  type lubricant for car air conditioning systems with compressors working on R-134a type refrigerant.

Application: in both fixed cylinder displacement volume (swash type)  as variable displacement volume (wobble plate type) refrigeration compressors.

Particularly recommended for use in SANDEN compressors – fixed displacement volume – types SD7H15/SHD, SD7H15/HD, SD7H13, SD7H10, SD7B10,and SD5H14.

Typical analysis

Density at 15°C  :  1,03
Viscosity at 40°C  :  100 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C  :  9.61 cSt
Pour point  :  -30°C
Flash point  :  190°C
Copper strip test  :  1a


- Due to hygroscopic nature of product, avoid contact with ambient air as much as possible.  Store product in properly closed bottle in dry stock room.
- Avoid contact with painted surfaces or plastic materials, in case of accidental contact rinse with plenty of water and soap!
- Ruscon is NO retrofit oil for CFC-12 car air conditioning systems! Nor is it recommended for vane type compressor lubrication.


 MSDS Ruscon

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