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Two Stroke Scoot

2 & 4-stroke engine oils
 Two Stroke Scoot


- Self mixing.
- Prevents corrosion of bearings, coking and pollution of the sparking-plug.
- Excellent self-mixing properties in both lead and lead-free gasoline.
- Maximum protection against wear and corrosion.

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Two Stroke Scoot

Description: Self-mixing two stroke oil for use in high performance two cycle engines of scooters.

Application: In two stroke cycle scooters, typical application rate being one part of lubricant for parts of gasoline. Also suitable for two stroke engines with injection system. Can also be used in  high speed and more powerful two strokers.



Typical analysis

Density at 15°C  :  0.893
Viscosity at 100°C  :  8.5
Pour point  :  – 18 °C
Flash point  :  125 °C


 MSDS Two Stroke series

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