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Yacomi Bio

Yacomi Bio

Yacomi Bio
Yacomi Bio


- environmentally friendly through high biodegradability
- easy mixing, even at sub zero temperatures, forms immediately and permanently an homogeneous mixture for full power availability.
- Highly detergent, prevents bearing corrosion, spark plug fouling and exhaust port clogging.
- Excellent bearing and cylinder lubrication.
- Minimum smoke and odour development.
- Ashless formulation.
- Low pour point as well as exceptional low temperature fluidity.
- Exhaust gas catalyst compatibility.

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This Technical Datasheet is considered being accurate at the date of printing. It has been compiled with the utmost care, but Chief Oil International B.V. cannot accept any responsibility for damage, of any kind, that may be caused by using these data or the product concerned. The information in this publication may not be considered as any guarantee of specific properties.

Yacomi Bio

Description: Flagship two cycle lube for top engine performance. Quickly biodegradable and fully synthetic. For both air and water-cooled two stroke engines.

Application: Used as high performance oil for following purposes:

outboard engines and water scooters.
motorcycles, mopeds and go-carts.
mobile/ portable power units
2 stroke lawnmowers and other powered garden equipment.
chainsaws, including STIHL and HUSQVARNA models.
snowmobile/ snow scooters and ROTAX powered ULM planes.


CEC L-33-T-82 biodegradability above 66%, typically 82 %

Typical analysis

Density at 15°C  :  0.914
Viscosity at 40°C  :  24.6
Viscosity at 100°C  :  5.3 cSt
Viscosity index  :  156
Pour point  :  < -40°C
Flash point  :  103°C
TBN  :  4mg KoH/g
Colour  :  5.5



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