Chief Oil
Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR

Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR

Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR
Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR


Anti-wear properties.
Strong tacky properties.
Made out of very stable mineral lube oils.
Reinforced with anti-rust and anti-oxidation inhibitors.

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Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR

Description: Strongly tacky and anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Application: In all hydraulic and circulating systems where anti-wear properties are required.  Can also be used in transmission boxes, couplings, chains, cables, slide bearings and all machinery applications where spots of the lube oil are a problem.

Yuchi 6002 EP 71 is specially developed for the lubrication of gears and cams of the Sulzer Rüti weaving looms.


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 Typical analysis Yuchi 6002 EP 71 & WR

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